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Make Your Biggest Quad! 
Based on SPB Quadronica, SPB Quads is an arcade game for touchscreens. The player's goal is to reveal and mark rectangles' corners of the same colors in a field filled with color bricks. The two modes in the game (time-limited and endless) effectively create two different scenarios of playing.
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Price: USD 9.99
Current version: 1.2
Release date: Mar 11, 2010
Download size: 4.7 MB
Size on device: 5 MB
Discounts: SPB Product Discount
Reward points: 2
S60 5th Edition

Gameplay Game Modes and Bonuses User Experience
Game Field
Make Your Biggest Quad!

  • Addictive game play
  • Attractive graphics
  • Standard Quadronica rules enhanced with bonuses
  • Improve your pattern-finding skills

SPB Quads: Reviews (3)

Ovi Daily App

The game is extremely smooth to play, and the animation is fast and appropriately explosive. There is also a good mix of music and sound effects within the game, and volume controls built in to the game options, so you can play quietly if you want.

"SPB Quads, nella sua semplicità, è un rompicapo simpatico e appassionante; non troppo impegnativo, può rappresentare un piacevole passatempo. La grafica è gradevole e molto ben curata, e contribuisce ad accrescere il giudizio positivo sul programma".

"SPB Quads is a beautifull and addictive arcade game, easy to play and with great graphics."

All About Symbian

"Quads is more than the sum of its parts – it's easy to understand, there is a certain amount of depth and challenge that works well for a mobile game you play for ten minutes or so at a time, it looks wonderful and generally lets you play the game without any interference or problems".

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