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Enjoy Your Phone! 
SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of your mobile device. Enjoy your phone!
Purchase ($14.99)
Price: USD 14.99
Current version: 3.8
Release date: Dec 26, 2011
Download size: 7 MB
Size on device: 8 MB
Discounts: SPB Product Discount
Reward points: 3
S60 5th Edition
Symbian Anna
Symbian Belle
Nokia E6 NOT supported
Only official ROMs supported

Widgets Contacts Launcher Tools UI
Cool widgets to customize your Home screen

  • Photo contacts
  • Picture frame
  • Weather
  • Wireless switches
  • Phone profile
  • Appointments and tasks
  • Nokia homescreen widgets support
  • ... and many others

SPB Mobile Shell: Reviews (23)

Nokia Experts

After a few hours of use I can tell you that it is staying on my N8 since it improves on a decent user experience.

Why do you need a Program like SPB Mobile Shell, the great UI you have got to work, you will start to love your phone more,that should be the real intention behind the creation of the software I hope. 
Nokia Conversations

This app looks really polished and you can tell a lot of time has been spent making this work. It’s great for customisation as it offers so much. If you want to drastically change the look of your phone, this app will do it.
All About Symbian

SPB have been working on the Symbian version of Mobile Shell for at least six months and the attention to detail shows - this is a very slick piece of software, even though it's treading on sacred ground - changing the familiar homescreen interface into something new - and so won't be to everyone's taste!
Symbian Guru

SPB Mobile Shell has brought a whole new level of functionality and attractiveness to my Nokia N97, and I would imagine that any other touchscreen Symbian phone would also have the same benefits, if not more.

The SPB Mobile Shell is a complete home screen user interface take over. Once installed, your home screen looks different immediately, as it replaces Nokia's single home screen with three customisable workspaces.
Best of Symbian

SPB Mobile Shell completely abstracts the S60 UI and provides an immersive experience. With a mix of amazing features like the 3D Carousel for the wow factor and absolutely utilitarian features like Widgets and Panels, SPB Mobile Shell is a winner.
Forum Nokia

SPB Mobile Shell is kind of like taking your well-loved phone over to the folks at West Coast Customs of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” fame, and getting a complete makeover from the inside out.
Nokia Experts

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 is a wonderful way to customize your Symbian S60 5th Edition device. As we see some people complain about the user interface of Symbian it seems that this application can address many of those concerns and give you a fresh device without having to buy a new device.

SPB Mobile Shell ci ha convinto praticamente sotto ogni punto di vista: semplice, funzionale ed ideato per essere plasmato in base alle proprie esigenze. Per tornare al discorso con cui abbiamo iniziato questa recensione, possiamo affermare, senza paura di essere smentiti, che SPB Mobile Shell ha la capacità di cambiare radicalmente faccia al vostro smartphone.
Forum Nokia

The app can completely transform the device's UI to fit any consumer’s preference, providing a rich mobile experience.

I found this application to be the perfect utility to spur up the home-screen of your Nokia/Windows Touch Phone.

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