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SPB Backup logo SPB Backup
Save Your Data 

SPB Backup Screenshots

Backup copy destination

 In the first dialog you are supposed to select what kind of backup you want to perform. If you choose Full Backup, the program will back up all possible data, such as PIM data, Emails, My Documents and System data (other files, programs and their settings). Otherwise, choose Custom Backup to select manually what particular data you want to backup.

Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Backup copy destination
Custom backup contents

At this step you are proposed to select what particular item categories you want to include into the backup copy. To select a category, select the check box in front of it. For some categories you can also customize their contents by selecting them and choosing the Configure link.

Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Custom backup contents
Backup file name and location dialog

In this dialog specify the backup file name and location. If you select the Custom location, you will be able to select any folder on your device. To continue, choose Next.

Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Backup file name and location dialog
Compression and encryption dialog

Provide the password and confirm it if you wish to encrypt your data using the AES algorithm (Rijndael). This password will be asked for further backup copy restoration.

If you choose to compress your data, Spb Backup will use ZIP archiving to reduce the backup file size (it will be approximately half as small compared to the uncompressed one). The file size is dependant on the real device storage space used.

Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Compression and encryption dialog
Scheduled Backup Options

Spb Backup allows you to schedule the automatic backup copy creating. If you wish to create automatic copies, customize the schedule as it is shown on the screenshot.

Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Scheduled Backup Options
Summary dialog

On the final screen make sure all the specified preferences are correct and choose Next to start the process or Back to return to customizing the backup preferences. On this screen you are also shown the estimated backup file size and the available storage space.

Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Summary dialog
Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Spb Backup Unpack Tool Spb Backup Unpack Tool

Spb Backup Unpack tool is a desktop PC program for extracting files, registry, databases, PIM data, and SMS from backup files created by Spb Backup. It allows to export all the data in appropriate format for later use either separately or as a bunch.


  • Extract files from a backup file
  • Extract registry information as a .reg text file
  • Encryption support
  • Export Text Messages — NEW!
  • Export Contacts as vCard files — NEW!
  • Export Appointments as iCalendar files — NEW!
  • View Call Log — NEW!
  • View Speed Dial entries — NEW!
  • View and Export Text Messages as .eml files — NEW!
Smartphone Software : SPB Backup : Spb Backup Sync Tool Spb Backup Sync Tool

Spb Backup installs sync software component on your desktop machine. This allows you to make backups and synchronize them to your desktop PC.


  • Automatically copy backup files to desktop machine
  • Restore the backup file
  • Launch Unpack tool
  • Hides to system tray
  • Delete the files from context menu
Purchase ($14.99)
Price: USD 14.99
Current version: 2.1
Release date: Dec 01, 2009
Download size: 2.98 MB
Size on device: 1.42 MB
Discounts: SPB Product Discount
Reward points: 3
Only official ROMs supported
Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard
Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard
Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone