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SPB Wireless Monitor logo SPB Wireless Monitor
Control Your Traffic, Save Your Money 
SPB Wireless Monitor is a complete solution for measuring data traffic via all types of connections and calculating network usage costs according to your data plan.


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Price: USD 7
Current version: 3.1.1
Release date: Aug 17, 2011
Download size: 1.54 MB
Size on device: 2.4 MB
Android 2.1 and higher
Only official ROMs supported

Reports Alarms Connections and Tariffs User Interface
Traffic report
Analyze your spending

  • Time based and per-application* reports
  • Mobile and WiFi traffic reports
  • Any period
  • Export to CSV
(*) Available on Android 2.2 and higher

SPB Wireless Monitor: Reviews (12)


To better understand exactly what applications are using data on your device, SPB Wireless Monitor keeps track at the individual application level. One button tap will show you a listing of all apps that used data, along with how much bandwidth each has used.
Light Reading

SPB's Android dashboard, which tells users what apps are busting their data caps, would be a good fit for a carrier-branded service
What Mobile

Want to keep an eye on your data usage, split between Wi-Fi and mobile data? SPB Software has released an app that tells you all you need to know.
Peters Kitchen

Overall SPB Wireless Monitor is well thought out and rally easy to set up and use. especially if you’re on a budget, alarms sound as they should, and it runs in the background, being your little wireless watchdog. What’s more there’s even a smart widget, that will allow you to access your mobile stats directly from the desktop of your phone.
Chip Romania

Pentru mine cea mai interesantă facilitate e legată de măsurarea traficului pe fiecare aplicaţie în parte. Ştiţi că am tot spus că Android-ul meu e flămând din acest punct de vedere. Acum am aflat şi de ce: sincronizarea automată cu calendarul din GMAIL face enorm de mult trafic.

For me the most interesting feature is measuring traffic on each application. Android kept consuming the data. Now I found out why: automatic synchronization with Gmail consumes an enormous amount of traffic.
Because of this I have decided to turn off syncing in the background for all the applications that I use on the HTC Desire.
Android Blog.it

In ogni caso il software funziona molto bene; inoltre ritengo che offra un servizio veramente completo e utile, che può essere adattato alle singole esigenze di ogni utente.
Personalmente promuovo senza dubbi questo prodotto!

The software works very well, it offers a very complete and useful service, which can be adapted to individual needs of each user.
Personally I promote this product without a doubt!
Device Magazine

Ideal for preventing unwanted mobile service charges and giving subscribers control over their mobile data spending

SPB Wireless Monitor si presenta con un’interfaccia utente chiara e pulita, con un livello di usabilità veramente elevato.

SPB Wireless Monitor shows a clear and easy to manipulate user interface, with a very high level of usability.
Network World

You grab your Android smartphone, ready to play or friend or stream or navigate or tweet or something and suddenly you're gripped by a consuming anxiety: will this push me over my monthly data plan limit? Or maybe you just want to know which of my apps are chewing up the most data?
Download SWM and... you can see how much money you spend accessing the Internet, and which of your apps are the most expensive in network costs.
All Things Android

With a clean looking interface, you can easily see how much data you have used as soon as you open the app as you are presented with a summary at the bottom of the main screen.
Cool Smartphone

It is a amazing app that offers way more options and reporting than any other data monitoring program I have come across.

Ich gebe für diese Anwendung eine klar Kaufempfehlung an alle ab, die ihren Netzwerkverkehr überwachen möchten, um dabei viel Geld zu sparen.

I strongly recommend to this application to all who want to monitor their network traffic, to thereby save money.

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