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Have a Good Time! 

SPB Time: Reviews & Awards

PC Today, January 2010

An updated version of SPB Software's SPB Time improves upon the alarm features and world clock built into Windows Mobile. 

PC Today, January 2010

"Leading provider of mobile applications SPB Software announced on Tuesday the release of a new version of SPB Time, its best-selling Windows Mobile time toolset. There are three types of alarms that users can enjoy with the new SPB Time 3.0, depending on their needs. The Paranoid can easily wake up sleepers, the Bio alarm is meant to be a gentle way of waking, while the Classic alarm proves a great option for those who don't like being disturbed too much in the morning."

"Graphically, it adds a lot of flare and pizazz to your Windows phone. With respect to functionality, SPB Time brings a lot to the table with respect to time management. Combine the two and you've got a very good application."
Mobility Minded

"SPB time isn’t just a clock and alarm for your Windows Phone. It has some nice other functionalities like a World Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown timer and more. The features that seem most interesting are the classic, paranoid and bio alarms and the integration with SPB Mobile Shell via Widgets. But also the Moon Phases calendar is a welcome feature added to the new version of SPB Time 3.0."

"SPB Time 3.0, в отличие от большинства аналогичных программ, имеет действительно несколько ключевых ...возможностей, которые делают его прекрасным помощником как в быту, так и в организации рабочего времени".
Mobility Digest

"SPB Time is an advanced, skinnable time toolbox for your Windows Mobile phone. Analog and digital clock modes, World clock, timers and stopwatches, and advanced alarms. A lot of time-related functions in this world’s bestselling application!"

"Spb Time gives you all the functionality of a world clock, alarm clock, and stopwatch in one application. It's skinnable and lap times can even be saved to external files. It's simple interface provides ease-of-use. Large, on-screen buttons are designed for even finger-presses. Being an Spb application means Spb Time is a solid, bug-free joy. If you frequently have your Pocket PC cradled on your nightstand, Spb Time has a nice (skinnable) clock screensaver."


"If you're looking for a time application with numerous features, then look no further as Spb Time can offer you more time-related functions than you might think of. The advanced, skinnable time toolbox offers users the opportunity to change the face of their Pocket PC by using any of its features: analog and digital clock modes, world clock, timers and stopwatchers, all combined in one."

Pocket PC Louisville

«If you're looking for a clock with multiple stopwatch capabilities and alarms, look no further. Spb Time is what you need.»
Pocket PC Thoughts

 «Spb Time 1.0 is a very useful utility. As well as providing a myriad of different chronometric tools, it has a neat screen saver function that makes you Pocket PC into an elegant desk clock with a skinnable interface. The global time functions are great for travellers and the various timers and stopwatches make this more useful than Batman's utility belt.»

 «When I first received Spb Time, I had heard of other time applications, but had never used them ... However, this simple little app has some very cool features that have changed my perspective in this area of the software market...»

«What Spb Time 1.0 does provide, however, is the integration of all these exsiting timer/clock features under the same program - common features which exist in other clock/timer programs on the market are here, as well as additional, more intersting features. What I found particulary interesting was the ability to change Skins, which means that I don't quickly become bored with the same old look after some time.»
Dave's iPAQ

«I had to leave my computer for a few moments and when I returned about 10 minutes later; there was this very cool Analog Clock on my iPAQ. It actually surprised me at how nice it looked. I tapped the screen and it went back to what I had originally on the screen.»
Purchase ($4.99)
Price: USD 4.99
Current version: 3.4.0
Release date: Jul 27, 2010
Download size: 7.7 MB
Size on device: 7.86 MB
Discounts: SPB Product Discount
Reward points: 1
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Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
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