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SPB Phone Suite logo SPB Phone Suite
Pocket PC Is a Perfect Phone Now! 
Today Plug-In
SPB Phone Suite is a collection of all phone features you missed in Windows Mobile. These are features like profiles, call filtering, missed call notifications, reject and reply with SMS, etc.


  • Customizable Today plug-in
  • Profiles
  • Missed call notifications
  • Unread SMS notifications
  • Call filtering
  • Reject & reply with SMS
  • Photo speed dial
  • Photos in call log
  • Automatic profile
  • Wireless manager
Purchase ($9.99)
Price: USD 9.99
Current version: 1.3
Release date: Apr 30, 2008
Download size: 1.63 MB
Size on device: 2.5 MB
Discounts: SPB Product Discount
Reward points: 2
320x480 resolution is NOT supported
Only official ROMs supported
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition

SPB Phone Suite: Reviews (10)

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

« For users like myself who have used cell phones for years and have moved to a Pocket PC phone Spb Phone Suite adds very valuable features that help users manage their Pocket PC phones. It's become a must-have application for my iPAQ phone! Spb Phone Suite offers phone management capabilities that are lacking with many Windows Mobile phones. These include profiles, call filtering, ability to ignore calls but reply with SMS, photo speed dial and other features.»

Just Another Mobile Monday

«Spb Phone Suite is the newest offering from Spb Software House and it is designed to make your Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 based phone function the way it should have.»

«In the long list of Spb Software House innovative applications which help us towards realizing the full potential of Windows Mobile, Spb Phone Suite is a great addition. IIf you want mobile messaging status at a glance, would like the ability to automatically accept or reject incoming calls, and often forget to set your phone to vibrate during meetings, then this is the application for you.»

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