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Provide kiosk mode for your programs 
Spb Kiosk Switcher
One very common application for Pocket PCs is their use as a specialized device where access to many functions is restricted or disabled and only a few applications can be used — this is called kiosk mode. Several vertical market applications require kiosk mode. For example, a kiosk mode can disable all games and other entertainment programs on the Pocket PC. Spb Kiosk Engine allows you to run your custom application(s) in kiosk mode. In this mode, the target application(s) are the only ones that can be used on a specific Pocket PC device.


  • Application and Control Panel applet block
  • Taskbar and start menu block
  • ActiveSync connectivity block. Phone block. Autorun from memory card block
  • Admin mode
  • Battery indicator
  • Locks the device to one or several custom applications
  • Supports native and .NET CF applications
  • Application CAB can be installed together with Kiosk CAB
  • Kiosk Switcher — access point for all allowed applications
  • Customizable background and text color for Kiosk Switcher
  • Customizable icons for programs
  • Full Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 support
Purchase ($985)
Price: USD 985
Client-side licenses 100
Current version: 4.2.0
Release date: Dec 05, 2008
Download size: 0.9 MB
Size on device: 0.657 MB
Only official ROMs supported
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 6 Classic
Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC

SPB Kiosk Engine: Reviews (3)


"Spb's Kiosk Engine software enables users to run one or more applications in kiosk mode, but also offers the option to switch between these apps. The application is one of the most flexible from the entire suite offered by the Russian developer, which also includes Spb Kiosk Explorer and Spb Kiosk Terminal. Spb Kiosk Engine offers a complete solution for those companies that want their customers or employees to be focused on certain predefined programs."
Jeremiah Gill, Microsoft

«This program has made it very easy to turn our Pocket PCs into instant and reliable demo kiosks.»
Aaron Demers, Vice-President of System3 POS, Inc

«We were introducing our new restaurant thin client application for Pocket PC and were looking for a method to lock people into our application and disable all the other functions/buttons on the handheld. After trying out several products we were blown away by the combination features, stability and ease of use from Spb Kiosk Explorer. I can honestly say it has saved us hundreds of hours in support calls by forcing the user to stay within the confines of our application.»

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