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Your own device cloning factory 
Cloning image destination
It often happens that a certain enterprise has in service a lot of identical Pocket PC devices that have common interface (for example, used in kiosk mode only), are equipped with the same set of programs, and used by personnel in the same way. It surely takes too much time to provide the same appearance and behavior to every device that must be configured from zero. When one needs to configure a new device, re-configure the old one, or reconfigure the whole pack of devices he must perform all the same operations, like uninstalling and reinstalling programs, changing registry, adding or rewriting files, and providing kiosk mode, etc. This often requires attention to details, good memory and, last but not least, some skills and knowledge.

Instead you can use Spb Clone to quickly solve the problem of Pocket PC sameness. With this program you will quickly clone a Pocket PC onto another one, keeping all its functionality.


  • Providing individual names and IP addresses for clones.
  • Assigned location of the target clone image files
  • Self-extracting and self-executing image file on an SD card
  • Data compressing and encryption provided
  • The average device cloning time is about 3 minutes.
  • One device is configured, the rest are subject to clone
Purchase ($299)
Price: USD 299
Current version: 1.5.9
Release date: Jul 31, 2007
Download size: 0.5 MB
Size on device: 0.6 MB
320x480 resolution is NOT supported
Only official ROMs supported
Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 2003 SE Phone Ed.
Windows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 6 Classic
Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC

SPB Clone: Reviews (3)


«Spb Clone is easy to use and reasonably quick. It's certainly great value for money at its current price with no per device licensing to knock you back with. Spb Clone is easy enough for most people to use and provides enough options to allow it to be used for corporate deployments for minimal overheads.»

"As the name suggests, you can clone one device's interface and quickly install it on numerous others in just a few minutes, depending on how large the clone file will be in the end. Spb Clone helps users keep the same functionality on multiple devices, without the need to install or uninstall applications, reconfigure, change registry, add or rewrite files or simply perform the same operations over and over again."

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