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E-TEN Glofiish DX900 Dual SIM
       Eten dx900 user interface customization     

SPB is the first software developer to provide UI enhancement solution for dual-SIM Windows Mobile handset - E-TEN Glofiish DX900.

The solution uses the SPB Mobile Shell engine and is customized to fully support 2 SIM cards. It streamlines the Windows Mobile Experience giving instant access to the most important information, applications and settings on your device. The solution features 3D animations and finger friendly buttons.

SPB Mobile Shell is an application that improves the innate Windows Mobile user interface, making it more direct, logical, and slick. The first version of the software came out in February 2007 and quickly gained recognition among end-users and media. SPB Mobile Shell fulfills the highest requirements of in-ROM software, paying a great deal of respect to criteria such as ROM, RAM, performance, battery life, and stability. Customized and improved menus of Windows Mobile devices are achieved without any damage to built-in system features or other third-party software.



A Bugged Life
E-TEN Glofiish DX900 review

"...it is nonetheless a breath of fresh air as there is almost no UI lag in the screen flipping."