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SPB Time Screenshots

Android Software : SPB Time : Analog clock Analog clock

This is one of the various analog clocks represented in SPB Time. You can also all the three types of alarms set on it.
Android Software : SPB Time : Analog clock Analog clock

Another example of an analog clock with a bio alarm on it.
Android Software : SPB Time : Digital clock with calendar Digital clock with calendar

An example of a digital clock.
Android Software : SPB Time : Calendar Calendar

And example of a digital clock with calendar
Android Software : SPB Time : Cities Cities

You can track time in several world cities from the 10 000 city database.
Android Software : SPB Time : Stopwatches Stopwatches

One of the most important extra time tools is stopwatches with lap times tracking. Here's SPB Time stopwatch.
Android Software : SPB Time : Countdown timers Countdown timers

Timers are also very important for many people. There can be single and multiple timers set for different time intervals.
Android Software : SPB Time : Moon calendar Moon calendar

With SPB Time Moon calendar you will always be aware of the current and next lunar phases.
Android Software : SPB Time : Online skin catalog Online skin catalog

If you enter the SPB Time Online Skin Catalog right from your application you will be able to automatically download and activate a lot of beautiful specially designed skins to make your SPB Time more induvidual and good looking.
Android Software : SPB Time : Classic alarms Classic alarms

With SPB Time you can set many classic alarms that will wake you up on time with a customized sound.
Android Software : SPB Time : Bio alarms Bio alarms

If you want a gentle way to wake you up, the Bio alarming mode is for you. In this mode you will get a friendly alarm, lights, and ticks before the actual alarm time to get you in the mood of getting up. Waking up to gentle sound of birds or water may just make you want to go right.
Android Software : SPB Time : Paranoid alarms Paranoid alarms

If you are the kind of person who can't get up to a regular alarm when the alarm first goes off, then you can use the Paranoid alarming option. In the Paranoid alarming mode the alarm won’t stop until you solve the puzzle correctly or smash your phone.


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Price: USD 4.99
Current version: 3.5.3
Release date: Aug 30, 2011
Download size: 9.5 MB
Size on device: 13 MB
Smartphones only (tablets not supported)
Android 2.1 and higher
Only official ROMs supported