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SPB Shell 3D: Reviews & Awards

Smartphone Essentials, Issue 114, May 2011

Shell 3D is all about the functionality. It is fast and responsive, powerfull and functional. You can happily leave it as your default launcher. Brilliantly designed, great looking and extremely powerful. 

Smartphone Essentials, Issue 114, May 2011
Mobile Digital Magazine, May 2011

Красиво, удобно, функционально. Eye-candy, user-friendly, functional 

Mobile Digital Magazine, May 2011
Apple Daily, April 19, 2011

SPB Sodtware that specializes in mobile phone interfaces brings customization opportunities to Google Phone GPhone with its SPB Shell 3D interface 

Apple Daily, April 19, 2011
LAPTOP Magazine

SPB Shell 3D. It’s a lot more than an app you’ll use a few times and forget about. It is literally a whole new look to your Android interface 

LAPTOP Magazine
Engadget Mobile

"We've been playing with Shell 3D on our Xperia Play, Nexus S, and Dell Venue for a few days, and we're still surprised by its butter-like smoothness. SPB Shell 3D is a pretty neat add-on for those looking to breathe new life into their Android phones."

How could SPB do so well, when so many others are struggling. The answer is deceptively simple. Make an amazing app that people want, price it high and lock it down.
LAPTOP Magazine

It’s a lot more than an app you’ll use a few times and forget about. It is literally a whole new look to your Android interface
ZD Net

The folks at SPB Software have released SPB Shell 3D for Android phones that takes the user interface to an entirely new level, and all in 3D. I have been giving it a spin on my HTC EVO 4G phone, and find it to be as useful as it is gorgeous.
Talk Android

This is just freaking cool... I think this is an excellent alternative to those who want something new and fresh

У SPB, определенно, получился качественный продукт. Компания держит планку, заданную своими оболочками под Windows Mobile и Symbian.

SPB has definitely made a product of high quality. The company maintains its reputation of the developer of the best UI solutions which was established by creating the SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile and Symbian.
Android Guys

this guy is definitely worth the money!
Nerbook News

Wer seinem Android 2.x Tablet aber auch natuerlich jedem Android-Smartphone neues Leben einhauchen will… schlagt zu, es lohnt sich!

Highly recommended to those who want to breathe new life into his/her Abdroid 2.x Tablet or Android Smartphone


Android Pit

SPB Shell 3D is a great intuitive app that guarantees a whole new smartphone experience.
Android Guys

As much as I loved what SPB did for my Windows Mobile devices of years gone by, Android is a sexier experience out of the box.
Mobility Digest

Now that they have released Shell 3D for Android it is clear that they have another winner. I really like the speed and fluidity that it has and the massive custimization available.
Android Community

What I first assumed with this whole project was that it was just for fun. I thought that the enjoyable to watch animations and flipping around in a circle were just for play, that they really served no purpose. I was wrong, oh my goodness I was so very wrong. What we’ve got here is not just a homescreen replacement allowing you to choose how your Android device interacts with you – it’s an utterly lovely upgrade to the system, supposedly using LESS battery power than an Android Vanilla build, and with much more amazing graphics flying here and there, plus there’s thing like unfoldeable folders, new wild widgets, tiny aesthetic improvements, and more!A
Know Your Mobile

SPB Shell 3D makes your handset feel like a brand new phone. It goes way beyond what other home screen replacements have done
Into Mobile

SPB Shell 3D offers a sexy new Android UI. SPB Shell 3D may possibly be the best home replacement app for Android if you’re looking for a lot of eye candy.

As is however I have nothing but praises for this. If you are in need of a replacement launcher for your Android phone, SPB Shell 3D comes highly recommended
All Things Android

It is a great launcher and is my launcher of choice

SPB Shell 3D Android ist die Top-Empfehlung für alle, die ihr Android-Handy nicht nur streng puristisch zum Telefonieren und E-Mails schreiben verwenden wollen.

SPB Shell 3D Android is highly recommended for those who wants to use their Android smartphones not only for phone calls and emails.

Pocket Now

If you like eye candy, you're going to love what Spb has done.
Age Mobile

In the past the purpose of 3D user interfaces was to impress with beautiful graphic effects, rather than providing a genuine benefit to the user. With SPB Shell 3D the third dimension is used to improve its usability and make interaction with the device more intuitive, not to mention the graphics component that is certainly more attractive than in 2D interfaces. (Review in Italian)
Android Tapp

SPB Shell 3D has to be considered a luxury item, so if instead you value jaw-dropping aesthetics then you really have to download this.

Chip Download

Android users planning on getting a beautiful UI should definitely consider a purchase.
Into Mobile

Huawei Vision: SPB Shell 3D rocks, taking advantage of the phone's graphic capabilities to show an easy to use 3D carousel

Android Planet

If you ready for a new home screen replacement and  want to have beautiful 3D graphics on your device you can buy it

Ben je toe aan een nieuwe homescreen-vervanger en liefhebber van mooie 3D-graphics dan kun je SPB Shell 3D aanschaffen in de Android Market.
Android World

Performance is an important part of usability. Great performance makes the difference between a good and perfect user interface, said SPB Software. Therefore they have the underlying graphics engine Shell3D SPB (SPB UI Engine) to make the most of the CPU and GPU in your Android device.

Performance is een belangrijk onderdeel van usability (bruikbaarheid). Geweldige prestaties maken het verschil tussen een goede en perfecte gebruikersinterface, aldus SPB Software. Daarom hebben ze de onderliggende grafische engine van SPB Shell3D (SPB UI Engine) om optimaal te profiteren van de CPU en GPU in je Androidtoestel.

Ein absolutes Must-Havel für jeden Android Nutzer!

Even though it features lots of advanced visual effects, SPB Shell 3D consumes less battery power than other popular UI solutions from device manufactures. To make things even better, the application was designed to consume even less power than the stock Android UI.

Wem die Benutzeroberfläche zu langweilig ist sollte einen genauen Blick auf SPB Shell 3D werfen.

Android’s most usefull SPB Shell 3D appilication allows smartphone users optimize their mobile device according to their demands and tastes . SPB Shell 3D makes your mobile experience more rich and effective. (review in Turkish)
Chip Romania

SPB Shell 3D is one of the best Android UIs that I had the chance to work with. It's fast, looks great and is flexible (this is the biggest plus they offer: you can use classic Android widgets).

My advice: try it because you won't regret!

SPB Shell 3D e unul din cele mai bune shell-uri de Android cu care am avut ocazia să lucrez. E rapid, arată foarte bine şi e flexibil (aici e plusul cel mai mare pe care îl oferă: poţi folosi widget-urile clasice Android).

Sfatul meu: încercaţi-l că nu o să vă pară rău!
Cool Smartphone

It is a great home screen replacement, which once you get used to how it works can easily rival it competitors.
Gizmo Ninja

"This is the first app, the only app, I would pay over ten dollars for. This is not your typical home replacement. It is a whole rework of what a home replacement can really be"
Business Insider

3D is something the new SPB Shell 3D app nearly masters
Un Simple Clic

This is the the one of a kind of applications that motivate me to buy a smartphone running Android. To summarize briefly what SPB Shell 3D for Android is, it is a 3D interface offering a perfect blend of usability and really outstanding visual aesthetics. (French)

Voici le genre d’applications qui me donne de plus en plus envie d’acheter un smartphone sous Android.

Computerra Online

Интервью с Василием Филипповым об успехе SPB Shell 3D и продаже приложений для Android

Interview with Vassily Filippov about SPB Shell 3D success and Android applications sales on Android Market

Into Mobile

when it comes to SPB Shell 3D, users apparently don’t mind paying a premium to have a better UI

SPB Shell 3D for Android has the ability to alter the complete homescreen into a 3D arena
Android News

Chic Home Screen
Elimdeki Dunya

SPB Shell 3D gösterdiği performans ve kullanım kolaylığı bakımından oldukça başarılı ve sorunsuz bir program.

SPB Shell 3D has a great performance and is easy to use. The program is very convenient and smooth.
Android Italy

SPB Shell 3D is characterized by 3D elements in the UI of Android and various widgets that are very functional as well as eye-candy, while everything is smooth and fast even on devices that are not recent.

SPB Shell 3D si caratterizza per l'introduzione di elementi tridimensionali nell'interfaccia utente di Android e in diversi widget che si dimostrano funzionali oltre che piacevoli per lo sguardo, il tutto risulta al contempo fluido e veloce anche su dispositivi non recentissimi.
Android Focus

If you have been sick of your UI that comes with the phone and have been considering other UIs then you owe it to yourself to check this one out. 
Technology Headlines

The UI is beautiful to look at and has a visceral quality that makes it hard to put down. Once you install and launch the home screen, it just begs to be touched.
Mobility Site

for me SPB Shell 3D is different from the rest of the Home Screen Launchers it gives such a rich and vibrant UI for the user and allows the user to customise their device with a very easy systems of panels


Purchase on Handster

Price: USD 14.99
Current version: 1.6.4
Release date: May 24, 2013
Download size: 9 MB
Size on device: 15 MB
OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible GPU
Android 2.1 and higher