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SPB Migration Tool logo SPB Migration Tool
Migrate to Android! 
SPB Migration Tool provides phone data migration to Android from Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms and comes with a complete solution, which allows copying the call history, text messages, contacts and bookmarks.

Complete instructions on migrating can be found at http://www.migratetoandroid.com.


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Price: USD 9.99
Current version: 1.0
Release date: Jan 12, 2011
Download size: 1.28 MB
Size on device: 1.28 MB
Android 2.0 and higher

Migrate from Windows Mobile Migrate from Symbian Restore on Android
Two migration methods
Collect data on your Windows Mobile device

  • The program copies text messages, contacts, call history and bookmarks
  • Migration with storage card
  • Migration through web without registration
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Easy to use wizard interface with complete explanation

SPB Migration Tool: Reviews (5)

Pocket Now

SPB Migration Tool makes it very easy to switch from Windows Mobile and Symbian to the Android platform in case you are jumping ship and purchasing a Google powered device.

Довольно удобный инструмент для того, чтобы в несколько шагов мигрировать на Android. Цена адекватна за такой сервис.


Very convenient instrument to migrate to Android in several seps. The service is a good value for the money.


Мне посчастливилось наткнуться на решение питерской компании SPB Software Migration Tool. Оно сэкономило мне уйму нервных клеток и поддерживает обе системы-патриарха — Windows Mobile и S60.


I was lucky to find the SPB Software Migration Tool solution. It saved my nerves and it supports both Windows Mobile and S60

All Things Android

This app allows you to save time in migration so that you can concentrate on just enjoying your new phone and seeing what the android experience has to offer.
My Mobile Ville

This app is a winner

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