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Quotes and References


"Working closely with award-winning software developer SPB, we have empowered our mobile TV customers with the ability to better control their mobile TV viewing with a user-friendly interface and powerful features. With 24 cable TV channels on mobile, it is important for us to make TV-viewing on mobile as simple as that on television for customers... In a way, we are putting the best of both worlds – rich cable TV content and mobile convenience."
Mr. Chan Kin Hung, Head of Products and Solutions.StarHub
"We think SPB Software is quite professional at creating and designing the innovative user interface software. We'd like to work together with such professional company to enhance the user experience for Smartphone. We believe this will be a big help for ZTE to extent the global Smartphone market!"
Mr. Lin Qiang, Vice president, ZTE Corporation
"With the focus on the customer experience MegaFon looks for the best value-added services on the market. We have chosen the TV client (Video portal) from SPB Software among all other offers due to the best-in-class usability and the TV-like user interface. Delivering to our clients the functional and easy to manipulate TV-service will help us to meet the highest level of our subscribers' expectations and needs hence becoming one more step on building the long-term customer loyalty"
Alexey Ivlev, Head of New Products and Services, Megafon Ltd
"We are very happy to be working with SPB, one of the most respected Microsoft Windows Mobile software developers in the market. The addition of SPB to our panel ecosystem gives Xperia X1 users the opportunity to customize their handsets with an already established interface for the Windows mobile e nvironment, alongside enjoying the eight other active desktops through the unique Xperia Panel user interface."
Peter Ang, Vice President Marketing, Sony Ericsson
"Our cooperation with SPB Software - undoubtedly, the top brand in the Windows Mobile applications space, is our reaction to the latest trends of the smartphone market. Today, handsets are expected to not only boast nifty animated and finger-friendly interfaces, but to offer mobile entertainment as well. Mobile TV and peer-to-peer online gaming, nourished by the availability of fast mobile Internet, are the one type of mobile entertainment that users are ready to enjoy."
Sergey Shunyaev, President of RoverComputers.
"For many people TV is a window to the world that provides them a lot of useful information today. But watching TV in any place any moment was impossible before. SPB TV application has opened the world of mobile TV for users. HTC company is known for high-tech products and for sure we were interested in this technology that combines interesting information provided by TV and mobility of HTC smartphones. Now the users can watch TV on the screen of their HTC smartphones using SPB TV as convenient as at home on their TV set."
Evgeniy Pavlov, Product manager HTC
"As a mobile device manufacturer, Toshiba delivers iconic, innovative, powerful, and slim smartphones across Europe, the US and Japan. I strongly believe that forming the right partnerships is essential to our growing success. SPB have contributed significantly to increasing our unique user experience and delivering added value both to our customers and end users. I always look for partners to demonstrate industry leading capabilities and share our goal for introducing to the market outstanding devices. SPB have efficiently supported us by delivering a customized version of their excellent Mobile Shell to some of our key customers, who both praised the positive user experience and end user satisfaction. Without hesitation, I recommend SPB for their outstanding support, ability to deliver within deadlines, and superior quality of their software."
Stephan Remy, Product and Strategy Lead at Toshiba Mobile
"SPB Software is one of Symbian's most active members, demonstrating how companies can leverage their membership for business success. On the technical side, the SPB Mobile Shell delivers a compelling user experience and a “wow” factor to Symbian devices. It truly showcases mastery of the Symbian platform and what can be achieved with it. On the business side, SPB Software uses its participation in Symbian activities to generate sales leads and raise its profile in the mobile industry. As engaged members of the community, SPB is the whole package."
Lauren Sarno, Member Programs, Symbian Foundation
"The SPB products bundled with Pharos Traveler 137 add a real 'wow' factor and a new layer of features and functionality to the phone, really helping the mobile experience come alive."
James Oyang, PhD, President of Pharos
"Today, 80% of our subscribers get access to mobile internet with USB-modems and only 20% of them browse the Internet from their handsets. Our new smartphone, fitted with SkyTouch by SPB Software, targets this growing segment of customers, by turning their handsets into very user-friendly, powerful, but compact mobile Internet-centers. Being a leader in fast-growing Russian market of mobile Internet, SkyLink has made the next step forward to offer its subscribers the best services and products."
Albert Safiullin, Deputy Director in Commerce, Sky Link
"We want our customers to be happy with their handsets, and we want to safeguard them from generating unexpectedly high data charges. This is exactly why we chose to preinstall SPB GPRS Monitor in Samsung WiTu [i900], a proven data usage monitoring tool, t hat has been on the market for years and is loved by end-users."
Mr. Kim, Yoon Soo, Samsung Russia Telecom Department Director
"The user interface of SPB Mobile Shell is a very simple and beautiful, it's really very easy to use. Also it's quite fast and smooth which give very good user experience. Moreover, users can also do lots of customizations by themselves, it's really worth to try it!"
Ms. Sun Hui Ping , Wireless Terminal Product Manager, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
"VimpelCom is strongly committed to offering its customers world-class, reliable, effective and easy-to-use solutions. SPB Software House fits in well with business people needs, offering a wide range of popular and necessary content and software. Our new 'Activation' service helps people use their communicators and smartphones to the fullest."
Oksana Belyaeva, Marketing Director, Business Segment & Roaming, VimpelCom.
"We see the importance of a powerful user-friendly interface and SPB has the expertise to design and support us this highly desirable user interface. SPB, indeed, delivered on the stated promise."
Louis Kang, Business Development Manager, Handheld Business Unit, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Mobile Experts:

"We've been playing with Shell 3D on our Xperia Play, Nexus S, and Dell Venue for a few days, and we're still surprised by its butter-like smoothness. SPB Shell 3D is a pretty neat add-on for those looking to breathe new life into their Android phones."
Richard Lai, Engadget
"SPB Mobile Shell is a sophisticated next-generation user interface for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. The app offers distinctive 'professional' and 'lifestyle' desktops; integration of picture contacts with Facebook; account-sensitive email indicators; time and weather screens; widgets; reponsive kinetic scrolling; a 3D animation engine; and other assets that change the way the phone is used. "
Mobile Marketing Magazine
"The 3D user interface looks like an all-encompassing home screen that houses a rich set of animated 3D widgets, a specialized collection of 3D folders and a suite of customizable panels in stereoscopic 3D. Furthermore, the combination of stylish design and auto-stereoscopic 3D gives users the feeling of immersion while browsing experience."
Cosmin Vasile, Softpedia.com
"SPB Shell 3D is one of the best Android UIs that I had the chance to work with. It's fast, looks great and is flexible (this is the biggest plus they offer: you can use classic Android widgets). My advice: try it because you won't regret!"
Ionut Balan, Chip
"SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 is a wonderful way to customize your Symbian S60 5th Edition device. As we see some people complain about the user interface of Symbian it seems that this application can address many of those concerns and give you a fresh device without having to buy a new device."
Matthew Miller, Nokia Experts
"SPB Mobile Shell is kind of like taking your well-loved phone over to the folks at West Coast Customs of MTV’s "Pimp My Ride" fame, and getting a complete makeover from the inside out."
Jason Black, Forum Nokia


"One of the best Launchers I have used. Extremely smooth and great interface."
SPB Shell 3D review, Android Market
"I liked my phone before this but now i really love my phone. Instead of buying a brand new phone i would suggest this application."
SPB Mobile Shell review, in Ovi store
"I've not been happy with any calendar program I've found. Primarily with the lack of setting custom alarm tones, and having multiple alarms. I tried SPB time, and now I use that to schedule all my important "reminders". Great graphics. Finger friendly. Worth every penny!"
SPB Time review, Handango
"Amazing to use anytime, especially if you have to use public transport to travel."
SPB TV review, Android Market
"Not just a game, but a mind stimulator! I highly recommend this app."
SPB Brain Evolution review, Apple App Store